Injuries Covered By Workers’ Compensation

One of the legal areas our firm practices is workers’ compensation because we believe in fighting for your rights when you are injured on the job. Our team thought it would be beneficial for you to understand the common injuries that happen in the workplace that are usually covered when it comes to workers’ compensation.

Work-Related Medical Illness

Depending on where you work, specific working conditions can lead to medical illnesses. Being unaware that your current working conditions or previous working conditions were not safe can put you at risk for many medical problems.Workers Compensation Lawyers Rockville MD

Lifting Injuries

Another frequent injury that occurs in the workplace is a lifting injury. Whether you are lifting too much alone or you are not provided with the proper gear, you can be injured easily.

Falling Objects that Cause Injuries

When working in a warehouse or factory, objects can fall from above, whether it is dropped from another level or not secured. When you are struck by a falling object, you can be seriously injured.

Every situation is different, so you should speak with one of our attorneys to determine if you have a case. When you need workers’ compensation lawyers in Rockville, MD, you can give our law firm a call at (240) 453-9191 right now. You can schedule a legal consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.